Thanks.  Not sure how soon a supplement is likely to Don's (Don Claypool) book 'The German Starrs'.  It will likely await more records coming available in Maryland or Virginia that help us with the earlier generation.


I did find one more useful on-line record:


BLM Land Records


Jacob Starr on 15 Aug 1838

SENW; Section 21; Twp 8-N; Range 8-E; 2nd Principal Meridian; 40acres; Jennings Co, IN


Jacob Starr on 15 Mar 1837

NENW; Section 21; Twp 8-N; Range 8-E; 2nd Principal Meridian; 40acres; Jennings Co, IN


This means that Jacob Starr got to Indiana in 1837.  Really, no earlier based on his daughters birth location as North Carolina.  But, it also means that this land would have been disposed of.  Most likely it should show up in the Jennings County, Indiana deed records.  Either Jacob or his family should have sold it.  You might want to consider renting the index and deed records to find out.


Jennings Co, Indiana -- General index of deeds

V.1 vols. A-H 1818-1844

V.2 vols. J-P 1844- 1852

 v.3 vols. Q-U 1852- 1857

FHL US/CAN Film 1,305,325


There is also likely something in Clark County, Missouri probate or Land Records to help fill out this family.  Missouri has reasonable death records.  Perhaps one of the daughters married and left a record naming her parents.


If you decide to look at any of these records, please let us know what you find.



Vicki Hutchison




There aren't any male Starr's in Jennings county, Indiana in 1850.

There is one Starr marriage in Jennings Co, IN:

            Louisa Starr m. Jonathan Cantral on 26 Dec 1840, Jennings Co, IN

Cantral appears to be some kind of a typo.  It's the only one in the database.  I don't find the surname or anything close in Jennings County in the 1840 census.  The Jennings County Marriage records have been microfilmed.  1818-1845 Film #549,409.


A few households before Catharine Starr and Jonathon Fifer in the 1850 Clark Co, MO census is what I believe to be this couple:


Vicki Hutchison




1840 Jennings Co, IN

Jacob Stare (Starr) 2m<5, 1m 10-14, 1m 40-49, 1f<5, 1f 10-14, 1f 15-19, 1f 30-39

    male    40-49    Jacob                         40ish

    fem      30-39    Catherine                   39

    fem      15-19    Louisa                       16

    male    10-14    Mary Catherine           14

    fem      10-14    Cornelia                     13

    male  under 5   George W.                  6 (4 years old if born in 1836)

    male  under 5   [young child who died young, perhaps along with Jacob]

    fem    under 5   Artimisha                   <1 ??


Jacob Starr and Catherine (possibly related by blood or marriage to the Fifers or Cantwells) married in a timeframe when the civil marriage records and bonds aren't consistently kept.  So, there may not be an extant marriage record.  Although there could be a record that proves who she is.


It would be nice to find marriage records (if they exist) for more of these girls.  They likely exist in Clark County, Missouri.



Vicki Hutchison





1870 Geneva, Jennings Co, IN [indexed as STAN]

George Starr  36, M, W, Farm laborer, b. IN

Sarah  30, F, W, keeping house, b. IN

John  11, b. MO

Elias  8, b. IA

William  6, b. IA



Vicki Hutchison