22 August 2011

In recognition of the dangers of identity thief, this privacy policy was established. Unfortunately a great deal of information about an individual is available on the internet. This information is gathered from public records and by data mining software both legal and illegal in nature. This site does not gather data on individuals using hidden software or the use of cookies. There are no downloads required to use this site. Internet Explore may display a warning message at the top of the page about preventing scripts or ActiveX software from running that could access your computer. There are no scripts or ActiveX software.

It is the intent of this site to protect all data that is not a part of public record. The only deviation to this is an adoption and year-of-birth. Data about an adoption is not a public record. If the mention of an adoption is emotionally troubling to the parents of the adopted individual, such data will be removed until the adopted individual is an adult. At this point in time, it is the opinion of the site manager that a person who has reached the age of 21 should have been informed of the adoption. This reasoning comes about due the medical issues that could arise in which the adopted person may need to have such knowledge to sustain their life. As to birth dates, until the death of an individual or the granting of permission in writing, only the year will be displayed. If the display of the year of birth of a minor is an issue of concern for the parents, the year of birth will be removed as soon as possible.

Any private information gathered on a living individual, other than a divorce, is stored on a separate off-site hard-drive and such information will be display after the death of the individual.

All suggestions regarding this privacy policy and concerns are welcomed. Please use the e-mail address provided on the main site page.

The Site Manager