The Descendants of Joseph DeHague

Updated 21 July 2011

From the 1882 edition of
'The History of Mercer and Henderson County' Illinois, pp. 1226-1227,
South Henderson Township (Gladstone, IL)

Mr. Joseph DeHague, a Frenchman by birth and a sailor by occupation, was born about 1796 and died in 1856, making him sixty years of age at his death. He went to sea at the age of fifteen, and at which life he lived until he was twenty-four, when he gave up a sailor's life, went to Terre Haute, Indiana, from there to Edgar county, Illinois, where he married Mary Laswell. Afterward he went to Galena, Illinois, leaving his family with his wife's father, where he was engaged in mining for awhile. From there he, with James Ryason, came to Oquawka. After running on the river for a few years he took up a claim and settled and built on section 33 in 1832. DeHague's cabin was like most of the cabins in those times, a one story hewed-log cabin, hewed puncheons for a floor, roof made of clapboards, stick chimney laid up with clay, the back wall which was made by laying up a frame on the outside as high as needed, and one of the same height on the inside; this frame then allowed to dry, when the inside frame was burned out, leaving a solid hard clay wall. He brought his family, consisting of his wife and two children, from Edgar county, with James Ryason, to Fulton county, where he stayed two years. Came to this county and rented a place one season, previous to preempting. Though he built on section 33, he farmed on section 34. He broke and cultivated thirty acres on the I.J. Brook's farm. After DeHague remained at the old place a few years he sold out to I.J. Brook in the year of 1837, built a double-hewed log house in the Mississippi bottom, in township 9, range 5, where he kept tavery, making money quite fast, and where he lived until his death. His remains were buried in the cemetery on the bluff, in township 9, range 5, where his wife and serveral children were buried. [I.J. Brooks is Isaiah J. Brook.] The information on the date and place of Joseph DeHague's birth vary. One source states he was born 1796 in France. In the 1850 Illinois census his year of birth is approximately 1794 and the place of birth indicated is Louisiana. The statement about him being a Frenchman could stem from the Louisiana Territory having been purchased from France and the people born there would have been Frenchman. Click here to see a newpaper article titled Thugs Found a Home in East Burlington. Click the link to view the 1860 census information.


Joseph DeHague: b c 1794 in LA; Farmer; [1850 census of Henderson Co. IL]; d before 1860 census; ---| m Mary (Laswell): b c 1803 in VA; one source states born ca 1798 in IL; 1860 census indicates b c1810 VA; ---|---| 12 John DeHague: b c 1827 in IL; [1860/70 census Henderson Co. IL, Shokukon P.O.] ---|---|---| m Elizabeth ??: b c 1838 in OH; ---|---|---|---| 13 Joseph DeHague: b c 1857 in IL; ---|---|---|---| 23 John W. DeHague: b c 1859 in IL; ---|---|---|---| 33 Mary DeHague: b c 1863 in IL; ---|---|---|---| 43 James DeHague: b Oct 1864 in IL; farmer; [1900 census, Henderson Co. IL, Hopper Pct.] ---|---|---|---|---| m Bertha E. ??: b Feb 1867 in IA; her parents were from Indiana; only one child born to this union; ---|---|---|---|---|---| 14 Clarence Oliver DeHague: b 3 Aug 1897 in IL; [in the 1920 census of Des Moins Co. IA, Union Township]; d 18 May1958; ---|---|---|---|---|---|---| m Pearl Blanche Graham: b 1 Apr 1897 in IA; d 20 Apr 1975 her parents were born in IA; ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| #5 Jack Albert DeHague: b 10 Jan 1920 in Weaver, Lee Co. IA; d 2 Jun 1991; (diabetic, heart attack); ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| m Edith Mary Fraise on 5 Nov 1942 in St. Patricks, MO: b 15 Jun 1921; d 30 Jan 1989 (blood clot); d/o John Diedrich and Frances Theresa Pohlmeier Fraise; ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 1 Judith Ann DeHague: b 1 Feb 1944; d 26 May 2009 (heart attack, clots), Burlington, IA; (see obituary) ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| m Larry Taylor: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 2 John Allen "Jackie" DeHague: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| m Cynthia L. Marshall: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| s/s Bryon Chenoweth ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|--- 1 Ryan A. DeHague: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|--- 2 Natalie DeHague: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|--- 3 Amanda L. DeHague: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 3 Gerald Lee "Jerry" DeHague: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| m Debbie Reichman: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 1 Julie DeHague: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 4 Victoria Lynn DeHague: b Feb. 1950 in Des Moines Co. IA; ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| m Stephan K. Starr on 11 Jun 1977: (see Starr file) ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 5 Karen Frances DeHague: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| m Paul Swank: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 1 Eric Swank: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 2 Amy Swank ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 3 Scott Swank: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 6 Steven Ray DeHague: b 3 Mar 1954; d 22 Mar 2009, age 55 (blood clots), Burlington, IA; cremated; ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| m Sherry D. Gerdom, 23 Dec 1978: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 1 Jeremy DeHague: b Burlington, IA; ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 2 Tyler DeHague: b Burlington, IA; ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 7 Marla Ann DeHague: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| m Robert Crane: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 1 Mary E. Crane: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 8 Carol Jean DeHague: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| m Rodger Anderson: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 1 Jennifer Lynn Anderson: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 2 Marissa Anderson: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| #5 George R. DeHague: 'Former BNSF employee George DeHague, who worked for BNSF from 1940 to 1962 and later worked as an official with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers union,' from The Hawk Eye newspaper. ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| m Eileen ??: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| #5 Betty DeHague: ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| m ?? Underwood: ---|---| 22 Americus DeHague: b c 1834 in IL; ---|---| 32 William C. DeHague: b c 1839 in IL; ---|---| 42 James M. DeHague: b c 1844 in IL; d 1869, Henderson Co., IL; ---|---|---| m Nancy Miranda Shaw on 31 Jul 1865: her 2nd marriage is to Theodore Davidson on 22 Sep 1871; ---|---|---|---| 13 Jeannie Myrtle DeHague: b 23 Apr 1866 in IL; d 26 Feb 1903; buried Walnut Grove Cem., Henderson Co., IL; ---|---|---|---|---| m Ross Thompson King on 31 Oct 1888: b 27 Apr 1863 in Rariton, IL; d 20 Apr 1925 in Media IL; buried Walnut Grove Cem., Henderson Co. IL; * ---|---| # Mary J. DeHague: b c 1831 in Iowa; shown in 1860 census as living with John and wife Elizabeth DeHague; * ---|---| # Mary DeHague: b c 1850 in Illinois; shown in 1860 census as living with John and wife Elizabeth DeHague;